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NEBOPLUS Ampul with particle selector.
Particle dimension has a direct effect on drug deposit in respiratory airways.

Norms EN 13544-1 states that:
• particles with a diameter between 0,5 and 3 micron reach Lower respiratory airways till pulmonary alveolus;
• particles with a diameter between 2 and 6 micron reach Medium respiratory airways till tracheobronchial tree ;
• particles with a diameter over 5 micron will settle on High respiratory airways (Nose, Larynx and Trachea).

According to the above mentioned statement we created a nebulizing system adjustable according to the therapy the patient needs to follow.

Neboplus Ampul is provided of multiple particle selectors that can provide a differentiation in the medicine nebulized:
1) for therapy aimed to act on High respiratory airways use the ampul without particle selector ;
2) for therapy aimed to act on all respiratory airways use the green particle selector;
3) for therapy aimed to act on Lower /deep respiratory airways use the white particle selector;

Thanks to this system it is possible to increase the percentage of medicine directed towards those areas which need to be treated, improving the effectiveness and quickness of the treatment.
Major diseases of superior tree -> Sinusitis, pharyngeal-tonsillitis, laryngitis, allergies treatments.
Major diseases of medium tree -> Bronchitis, tracheobronchial diseases, allergies treatments.
Major diseases of lower tree -> Bronchial asthma, bronchiolitis, TBC, pneumonia, alveolar disease, treatment of allergies.

Neboplus nebulizing ampul offers the possibility of choosing the nebulization speed:
open plug: standard speed;
closed plug: low speed.

Our nebulizer permits reducing medicine waste and increases treatment efficacy. This nebulising chamber also works in an inclined position, favouring bed-bound patients. Constructed in medical standard, biocompatible and non-toxic materials. Capacity 8 ml. Residue less than 0,5 ml. The ampul can be used with masks, nosepieces and mouthpieces.